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This site is for me really. I write like I’m talking to you, but I am mostly talking to me. It’s a place where I can record things that I have done, want to do, or afraid I will forget.

I love technical challenges. That’s what motivates me. The problem is once I figure something out, I’m inclined to forget about it as time passes. Sometimes I have the same sort of problem months or years later, and don’t remember the solution. So this is kind of a storage dump for whatever I am doing. Hopefully I will find it useful and not a time-suck. If it works out, I may start to post some stuff from old projects that I have had stashed elsewhere.

I’m using Jekyll for the site and hosting on Github Pages. Jekyll is a very cool and fairly simple static site generator that converts markdown files to static html files. You can check it out here. The basic workflow is simple once it’s set up. I create markdown files in a text-editor, then Jekyll grabs them and converts to html. Jekyll will serve those files locally so I can check them out, and then I can copy them to whatever web server I am using. Even easier is that I use Git and Github Pages. So once I like what I see locally, I just commit to my local Git repository and then push it up to GitHub via ssh. Github Pages runs on Jekyll, so it will be live almost instantly. Since I use Bundler to handle my Ruby gems , I can be sure that what I see local will look the same when I push it to my Github repository. Nice.

Links to all the stuff I’m talking about:

Github Pages
RubyGems (